Bryce Suma Post Drivers are designed and built to take a hammering.

A unique combination of innovation and excellence they are very proudly Scottish. Founder and fencer Jock Bryce leads the team who design and engineer the machines in Kelso.

“I always relate to people in an honest and down to earth fashion and communicate at my down to earth level as I am only a working man, so the attached head and shoulders is me in working guise. I have also regularly used the punchline ” designed and developed by a working man” in advertising because I am setting out to communicate with fellow working men. The picture is not about wanting to be in the limelight, it’s simply to let folk see who is behind these machines, so you can use it or bin it, but I think the punchline is a good one because as I said it connects with the working man – in other words I am just the same as them.” – Jock Bryce – Bryce Suma Founder & Designer

Machinery Imports - Bryce Suma Post Drivers
Bryce Suma Founder Jock Bryce