HD2 Forest Supreme In Line Post Driver


The Powershift HD2 Post Driver is a tough hard hitting machine aimed primarily at those who only want to drive straining posts. With a machine weight of approximately 1070 kg and a 400 kg hammer this is an ideal lightweight machine for contractors working on very steep or soft hill ground.

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  • Lightweight – 800kg less than similar spec Magnum side mounted machine
  • Sideshift offers 50cm of travel and moves to the left and right of center
  • Backshift offers 25cm of travel
  • Duplex Auto tele mast
  • Patented dual mast lubrication system
  • Independent hydraulic legs for stability and extra hammer height
  • Hydraulic mast tilt left and right
  • Hydraulic mast tilt backwards and forwards
  • Centrally mounted mast moves left and right of center
  • Very low centre of gravity for safety and stability on steep ground
  • Hammer can travel from ground level to 3.65m automatically
  • 500kg hammer – 81 tonnes (135,000lb) hitting force. No cost option 400kg hammer
  • Carbon steel postcap – heat treated – no welds to crack
  • 95mm rock spike fitted as standard complete with floating head and emergency release. Rock spike can be driven down 1.2m deep
  • Hydraulic Spike Swing Engagement
  • HITTING POWER – Independent hammer tests can verify a hammer impact of up to 81 tonnes (135,000lb) available if required with the 500kg hammer option

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