Profi Supreme Side Mount


Patented fully automatic twin pulley mast- no other manual or mechanical means are required to alter the length of hammer stroke. This is without a doubt the simplest, tidiest and efficient telescopic mast on the market.

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  • Duplex auto tele mast – fully automatic – infinitely controllable – hammer travels from bottom to top of mast with no mast adjustments required. Spherical bubble on mast. Patented.
  • Nylon hammer lift rope for superior life and very easy to change.
  • Up to 3.60 mts hitting height under the post cap.
  • Forged mast hinge brackets.
  • 60mm diameter mast hinge pin.
  • Replaceable self-lube mast hinge pin bearings.
  • Dual mast lubrication feature. Patented.
  • Forged heat-treated carbon steel post cap – no welds to crack. Designed for severe conditions.
  • 400kg Hammer.
  • 62 tonnes of impact force available if required – verified by independent test house.
  • Mast sideshift – 60cm . Heavy duty double-slider with adjustable wear pads.
  • Mast backshift – 30cm – moves parallel to the fence.
  • Quadshift gives added versatility for tighter corners. Patented. *
  • Rockspike & Rockspike Transfer System incorporating floating head, emergency release, hydraulic rockspike engagement system, powerful extractor ram, 95mm diameter rockspike, 1.2mts driven depth. Patented. *
  • Hydraulic Spike Engagement system including clam shell on cradle arm – enables the operator to manoeuver the rockspike into position via hydraulic cylinder and not manually like the older system. Patented. *
  • Static wear pads on sideshift and backshift – adjustable with shims.
  • Rotary wear pads on sideshift AND backshift. Patented.
  • Independent hydraulic legs incl. mast tilt ram bracket. Patented.
  • Flotation skids.
  • Hyd. mast tilt in & out.
  • Hyd. mast forward & back.
  • Hyd. top link – cat. 2/3.
  • Toolbox/toolholders.
  • Drawbar. *
  • Hoseburst safety check valves are built into the hydraulic top link, mast tilt and hydraulic leg cylinders.
  • Top quality sectional super hi-flow hydraulic valves are standard.
  • Gates hydraulic hose & fittings – the best in the business.
  • Finest build and weld quality on the market incl 8mm wall thickness on main frame.


  • 2 coats zinc epoxy primer.
  • 2 coats Beckers 2 pack top coat


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